Event Management Training

Over the past few years, Paul has been asked to do guest lecturing at Leeds Metropolitan College and has also been involved with the course design of Event Management at Newcastle College. This has enabled himself to pass on his knowledge and expertise to the next budding Event Managers from across the country.

In 2010 Paul was involved with heading the Event Management Team for Oxygen in Ireland. This included setting up of the Team and then getting them to create a culture where everyone has a feeling of self-worth and that they are a major contribution to the show. Paul also got the Event Management Team to consult with the paying public to help with decisions regarding the Music Festival, he is extremely passionate about this as these are the people who pay to come to the Music Festival.

Following his work with Oxygen Paul was invited to do consultation work on a brand new Music Festival over in China. Paul worked in an extremely different culture to that what he is used to and adapted ideas from the UK market to fit into the Chinese culture. The inaugural Music Festival was a success and has opened up avenues for new work.

This has given Paul the confidence to explore this avenue further and has also made him one of the leading and respected members within the Event Industry.

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