Outdoor Events/Festivals

Throughout APLís History we have been involved with a wide range of Events and Festivals, that we have tailored our service to suit the needs of the clients or promoters. We work with agencies, local authorities, bar companies, brands, broadcast partners, and promoters to provide a bespoke service that suits your needs and your Eventís needs.

The services we can offer your event include the ability to design and draw site plans using the industryís leader in 2D and 3D design Autodeskís AutoCAD. This enables us to accurately draw the site layout and produce scale drawings thatcan be distributed via our Secure Client Area to all members of the Event Planning Team and Agencies.

From our knowledge and experience we have the ability and confidence to provide information and advice to clients, on the usability and practicability of the site, its layout and aesthetics.

With our extensive experience of many festivals and site layouts we are able to advise on what works and what doesnít Ė we donít always get it right and thatís how we learn and progress.

We use Satellite GPS Surveying Equipment to carry out on-site surveys. This records the topography and highlights uneven unusable ground. Ordnance Survey maps are not always accurate and the survey identifies the correct locations of tracks, fences, streams, trees and woods

The electronically recorded data is uploaded into our AutoCAD computer programme, automatically updating the Ordinance Survey map data creating an accurate representation of the site area from which a workable layout can be designed and introduced on site.

The drawings are accurate; if it doesnít work in the drawing, it wonít work on site.

We can also offer your event Site Managers that have the knowledge and experience to keep the Event working smoothly and efficiently as possible.

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