The first time doing a show here for APL and what a pleasure it was! The stadium run a very professional and experienced Events Team making the pre-planning between ourselves and Murrayfield seamless and well executed so that if any problems did arise onsite they were able to be dealt with efficiently.

In 2011 the stadium dug out the access tunnel to allow 55T cranes to access the pitch, however I found out that both of the two shows in 2011 used a smaller crane so the tunnel had never been tested! On paper the 55T crane did just fit (by 20mm!) but we and Ainscough spent a nail biting Sunday afternoon doing a test run before Stageco arrived onsite. Luckily the crane didn’t get stuck in the tunnel but it was so tight!! The build went well and it was great to see some old friends Stageco and Jake Berry’s production team. A quick load in and load out by production helped by some great Scottish weather!

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