Following a change in Glastonbury’s licensing, Paul was approached to become the appointed license holder on behalf of Glastonbury Festivals Ltd. As Director of Operations he’s responsible for all things......operational! Working with Glastonbury Festivals, the Local Authority and Emergency Services he introduced a new empowering management model, which included teams working in an open and honest environment. The success of this has led to more relaxed organisational procedures enabling decision makers to act and take responsibility for their actions without unnecessary layers of “red tape”.

The future will bring further challenges of development and management organisation enabling Glastonbury to maintain its position as the leading festival of contemporary arts in the world.

"I just wanted to say I’ve really enjoyed working with you and I hope GFL realise what a great job you have done as the improvements you’ve introduced, from my point of view (and the Councils), have been invaluable and the level of trust we have of GFL had steadily increased.   I think the two years you’ve been in charge (I know helped by many others) have been the most successful and yes there are still improvements to make but the foundations have been well and truly laid. I’m not quite sure what else to say but thanks and good luck in all your other ventures"

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