China Music Valley

 We were asked by Live Nation to assist their Chinese partners with the organisation of their first ever outdoor music festival – in fact it was the first international music festival held in China.

In this consultancy role, we visited Beijing and presented our “Festival and Design” presentation to government officials, provincial authorities and the Chinese promoters. Our presentation is based on our extensive experience and knowledge of UK festival models and it’s presented at Leeds Metropolitan University as part of their BA (Hons) degree course

The aim was to guide the Chinese authorities and promoters into the unique world of music festival organisation, taking into consideration the many years of development in the UK and the huge social and cultural differences which exist between China and Western Europe

It was necessary to firmly suspend our UK perceptions and mould our knowledge and experience into formats which the Chinese government and authorities could understand and effectively adopt – a huge challenge

The highly successful result was The China Music Valley International Music Festival Beijing, with 50,000 people attending over two days, experiencing artists from around the world including, The Editors (UK), KT Tunstall (UK), Avril Lavigne (Canada), Juliette Lewis (USA), Free The Birds (China), Hot Hot Heat (Finland), Rooney (USA) and many more

A wonderful experience, a wonderful well executed event

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